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knitting joy

Have to share. This week I finished the main border of this mega lace shawl. Then I started the border (for the knitters, it's a knitted on lace border with a small bit of double sided lace).

Also, I'm doing a beaded border! I ordered a bunch of samples of beads a few months ago so this week I made swatches and choose which beads...then when I went to order more they were almost impossible to find as everyone is out of stock. BUT I think I've found more so all is not lost. I'm using translucent glass Japanese seed beads.

So far I've knitted nearly 1km of fine laceweight yarn and it'll be about 1.5km when it's done.


Anyway, small joys but each time I do a major lace project I learn more and more and get better about the very particular technical bits, so I'm quite proud of this!

3 repeats of the border done. 53 more to go. Then kitchener stitch the provisional cast on to the end, weave ends, and block!

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