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know any t-shirt hacks that can help me out?

So I have this T-shirt I love. Black with a rad horse and purple lightning on the front. I totally adore it. I cut the neck out of it a while back, then the sleeves, and I’m afraid I got a little too overzealous with the cutting. What’s left doesn’t quite look right, because it’s that rigid kind of cotton, not the kind you can stretch after cutting to achieve that rolled-edge shredded look that usually makes uneven cutting forgiveable. What’s left of the shoulders is uneven in width, and I have a bust, so the chest of the shirt does that weird point at the side of my boob now that it’s a tanktop instead of a t-shirt—something I didn’t anticipate. I notice that goes away if I pinch the shoulders tight, like I’m making a thin strap out of them. Anyone know of a good hack to do that thing where you cut the sleeves off a t-shirt and then tie the shoulders into, eh, tank straps or whatever? I’d google it, but clearly I don’t know what I’m googling, haha.


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