When you are the only girl at a small kickback, and any and every time you ask a question to one person, you get a barrage of answers and explaining from all the other dudes. Yes. I am so dumb and incapable, poor little female me. I need you to bray and honk and gibber insultingly simple advice and explanations that are totally redundant.

And I also hate when I am dancing, and simply swaying my hips makes some beardy ex marine— who reeks of white privilege and smugness— remark to me that "dancing like a slut blahblahrgblah."

I hate when said beardy ex-marine follows me around from room to room, and wedges himself between me and whoever I happen to sitting next to and conversing with.

I hate the jibes and condescension that people feel like they can get away with saying just because I am non-threatening and a female. It is such bullshit.