Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Know What's Fun?

Having asked, a goddamn week ago, to get something early because it needed to be done well in advance of the July 4th break and then not getting it when I asked for it and then coming in an hour early to take care of it and then an hour and a half after the work day is supposed to begin being told that the information I was given was wrong and an hour fucking later still not having the right information and the longer it takes them to get it to me the longer I am going to have to stay late after 5:00. And my boss who is out of the office is emailing me to ask what’s going on instead of asking the goddamn people whose job it is to get the damn thing done!

I have such a stress headache right now.

In an effort to make this more than just a rage post, what fun things do people who have off tomorrow have planned? I have a board game night at a friend’s place. 


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