Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

In the latest Time magazine there is an article about the Koch Brothers how the are becoming the resistance to Trump on the right. Although with Bannon taking control the Koch Brothers would be to Trump’s left, but slightly.

All I can think of is if the Vong appeared during the rebellion and Luke asking for help from Palpatine. A choice of “country will be destroyed” with Trump to “country will most likely  be mostly  destroyed but may still be recognizable” with Koch Brothers.


Democrats should not think of joining Koch Brother’s organization except as last resort. If the Koch Brothers are truly sincere in their argument it should not be partisan or your party right or wrong I suspect Trump may be far worse then we thought.

Illustration for article titled Koch Brothers Resistance Against Koch Like Palpatine VS Vong

The article on Bannon is downright frightening.

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