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Korean Skincare

So I know it is super on trend right now, and there are hundreds of articles that I can look up (and I have), but I want to hear from real people. I’m looking to overhaul my skin care because after a few months of finally calming down, my skin is acting up again and my chin looks like the surface of the moon—and not in a beautiful glowy way.

Some background—I’ve been dealing with acne for about 6-7 years now and it is mostly hormonal. It’s always on my chin and/or cheeks and occasionally on my forehead. For the most part I get under the skin cystic bumps that are very painful and usually come to a head (hah) after a few days. Currently I have a handful of very large, very inflamed white heads adorning my cheek and chin in a U shape. My skin is red and slow to heal, and I scar easily.


What makes finding a routine so difficult is that my skin is actually quite normal. Occasionally it will get oily as a result of make up, but it is never oily on its own nor is it ever dry. My diet is pretty consistent, so I don’t think it is food related.

Anyway, what are your recs? I am primarily interested in the following :

-daily cleanser

-acne treatment

-night time moisturizer

-day time moisturizer with SPF

Help! Any tips on where to purchase would be great too. I can’t tell which sites have fair prices/legit brands.

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