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Welcome To The Bitchery

We need to talk about this. Because I am a total convert.


Have any of you joined in on this Korean skincare trend? I read a Charlotte Cho column in Elle a long time ago (she’s the gal above) and thought “no way.” It goes against just about everything I’ve been told about skincare: in a word, keep it simple.

But, a few weeks back I fell down a hyper-focus spazzy rabbit hole of research and spent so much money at Sephora that I immediately qualified for VIB Rouge status.



The article I read that really convinced me to try this out focused on how the routine helped the author battle her depression. It totally made sense—self care as therapy. And, having done it now for about a month, I get it.


The products (I’ve been using largely Asian and French brands) are on the whole more gentle, which is nice. And they are into weird shit, like snail mucin. I delight in putting random non-chemically stuff on my face.

The Korean products are cheaper. I support this.

My favorite favorite things of the crap ton I bought, are the following:

  • Muji cotton pads. A big part of the routine is the toner/essence step, and these are the SHIT. Seriously. Amazing.
  • May Coop Raw Sauce. There’s not much to dislike about this (aside from the name). It smells awesome, it feels amaaaaaazing and the packaging is beautiful, which is a nice extra. The raw moisturizer is also great. I will be buying more of this brand for sure.
  • Dr Jart+ Ceramidin Liquid. Something that led up to embracing this routine was that my eyelids all of a sudden started getting dry (I actually think it was Urban Decay’s Naked palette, but that’s another issue). This has been amazing as a surge of moisture. I also have the cream but it’s quite heavy, I think it might be better in the winter months.
  • Mizon Apple Peeling Gel. I can’t even with this stuff. It’s just cool. It’s gentle, your skin feels....like a baby’s ass...after. It smells good. It takes just a minute.
  • Caudalie Detox Oil. I am obsessed with this shit. It’s probably the only item that I feel visually makes a difference to my skin. It smells weird but for whatever reason I love it. Legit.


Those cushion compacts...man, I really want to like them, but I don’t think they are for me. I feel a little toooooo shiny rather than glowy. But I am keeping with it for now.


Sheet masks. I use them, but begrudgingly. They are annoying to wear. The best part is when you take them off and you can pat the stuff into your skin.

I like the eye masks more and Sephora has this incredible Argan hand mask.

OK SHARE. What do you do with your skin. I literally went from washing my face every now and then (and rarely at night) with drugstore soap, to a literal 12 step routine. I want scoop and recommendations!

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