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Above is a bowl of New England Chowdah. The goody~bits, in addition to the CLAMS, are bacon, red potatoes, mushrooms & turnips. See the chowdah wars here! I also vaguely remember that I had something to do with the Chowdah Wars around Groupthink. It was a fantastic fight! In addition to the Pork Roll vs. Taylor Ham War of 2015.

Below is my refrigerator tonight. Little Necks upstairs & Cherry Stones downstairs. Both are two deep, with broth two deep. The “moosh” on the right are the Big Ones we reserved for chowdah & sent to the food processor.


Anyway, New England is in the pot. Manhattan on deck. Plus stuffed clams & white clam sauce. Still cookin’ :)

Peektures & recipes tomorrow.

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