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300 clams (really 350, because we dug 50 on Saturday during a wonky low tide that never fully went out. We had to abandon the mission after 45 minutes because Mr. 4th was worried my waders would fill up with water and sink me. SINK ME! He was so mad at the world!) are a fuck~ton of work! But soooo worth it.

I made VATS of chowder with the big clams. Doubled the New England (which I pictured last night) and tripled the Manhattan. I made 4 dozen stuffed clams today & I’m working on white clam sauce right now. All of it freezes well so we could have kept it all. However, I’m sharing so much of it with my clam loving family & friends. Still enough, you know? Plus, the season closes April 1st, so we have more opportunities to dig & I will spend a future 2 days cooking it all. By the way, Mr. 4th cooks, too, but my cooking is more delicious :)

So, here is my clammy day:


The basic recipes are here, but I tweak them~

For the New England, I added mushrooms, parsnip & celery and used half & half because full~on cream is too heavy. Also, bacon, not salt pork.

For the Manhattan, I omitted the green peppers. They are too strong a flavor & it masks the clammy goodness. I substituted leeks for the onion, added parsnips, turnips, green beans & rosemary.


For the stuffed clams I doubled the garlic, used half Italian breadcrumbs & half Panko, used half sweet onion & half leeks and added finely diced yellow peppers. Doubled the lemon and added more on top before I put the test batch in the oven. Reserved clam broth is your friend here; adding it in increments until the mixture is wet enough, but not too wet, is key. Fucking delicious.


White clam sauce looks like nothing, so no pictures. Use the smallest, tender clams. Steam, remove from the shell & reserve the broth. Swirl some olive oil in to a sauce pan with some garlic. Sizzle that. While that’s going on coarsely chop the clams. Add some clam broth to the pot. Then some fresh chopped parsley (dried is okay if that’s what you have), red pepper flakes, squeezed juice from half a lemon. Add clams and continue over a low flame. When it starts a slow simmer, remove from the heat. Put your cooked linguine back in the big pot you boiled it in and dump your small pot of goody bits over it and toss. Add parmesan (I know this is an Italian no~no, but it really is better with parm.) ENJOY!

Also, I still have 2 dozen little necks to cook. Any ideas?

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