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Welcome To The Bitchery

L.A./So Cal Meetup? (UPDATE: Closing in on a day)

ETA: We're looking at either Saturday 1/18 or Sunday 1/19 for the meetup day, as it's MLK Jr. weekend and will be extended for most folks. Please add which date works the best for you in a response w/ your email* so I can put together a group email.


Also - let me know your top choices of where to meet.

* I will dismiss your email address as soon as I add it to a separate document to protect your privacy.


It's 2014 and I'd like to continue expanding my role as a social director because...I dunno. Parties are fun and GTers are awesome, so this seems like a pretty easy gathering to engineer for good times?

I am open on dates, but think a Saturday or Sunday is best - yes? (Especially if the San Diego peeps want to take the train up, or someone on the Central Coast wants to take the train down).


A few people have asked for a place near a train/metro station, so here are a few places that have been mentioned:

* Grand Central Market

* Olvera Street

* Potluck Picnic by Angels Flight

* French Dips @ Phillipe's

The Captain & I spoke about this, and we are happy to host an open house potluck either at our place or do a bonfire on the beach (give us an excuse to use our tiki torches!). We live in an area where people can get relatively close via public transpo (I can be more detailed via an email group if people want to go this route), and we both have cars to ferry people either to Casa de Smithwell or the beach.


Open to any and all ideas, if anyone is stuck without transport, let's figure out carpools, and if money is an issue, I will help anyone as much as I can because we need to start 2014 off right!

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