So I finished my Spanish exam today. So that's all done. Decided to reward myself with an early start to the French-learning I want to do this winter, so I hopped onto Duolingo and started. I've just completed Basics 1 and now I can make grammatically correct nonsense happen. La femme est une pomme. L'homme mange la robe.

This is going to be glorious. I'll be sure to share more delightfully weird creations as they come to me. And when I'm done I'll have enough French under my belt to work with Old French. One day I will master this sentence and feel accomplished:

Sire, mal avez esploitié!
au fame faut bien la moitié!
Fetes tost & tornez arriere
& metez ou quartier derriere
la chose qui mieus i besoingne
quar ne vaudroit une eschaloingne
fame s'ele n'avoit tesniere
mise pres de la creponiere.

So, serious note version, do people here find Duolingo helpful? Seems good so far, and I like the rewards system. You can see your progress, which is always cool. What languages do you all use it for? Anyone know if there are plans for more languages to get added? I'd really like if they added Icelandic. Or Swedish. Those would be very helpful to me.