Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

(Get it? Cuz it's a post after the meetup, so it's *post* meetup...Why yes, I've had a few, why do you ask?)

Anyhoo, I just got home (thanks icantremembermylastname!), and I just wanted to say that I had AH-MAZING time. I enjoyed chatting with each and everyone of you.


Dangertits & Mr. Tits: you're awesome.

InspectorSpacetime: you're awesome.

FreeSampleThief & Thiefboo: you're awesome.

LaChategris: you're awesome.

GrayjoysMissingMember: you're awesome.

DecadentDegenerate: you're awesome.

DevilsintheDetails: I like the way you party, gurl. And you're awesome.

SingYourSong & Mr. Song: we didn't spend that much time talking, but I'm sure you're awesome.


Ican'tremembermylastname: you're super awesome.

Smithwellette & Family: you're awesome, and Madam Cruise Director is super awesome for organizing this get-together. No, seriously. You. Rock.


Redwriter: we missed you :(.

Anyone I missed: you're awesome.


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