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LA schools closed--all students and staff sent home due to thread of terrorism (updated)

They’ve received a threat to multiple possible locations and the authorities are massing at multiple locations to follow up on this.

The entire LA school system is being shut down—there was a robo call to tell parents not to bring kids to school and any kids who were already there are being sent home.

ETA—Now NYC is saying they got the same threat and the feel it is a hoax.
Superintendant of schools will be doing a press conference shortly.


NBC reporting that the emails said that the sender said he was a bullied HS senior, who said he was going to attack with bombs and guns—used some incorrect Islamic language. Came from an IP address in Germany.

LA saying they made the call based on what they knew at the time with over 600,000 students coming in to school. Sounds like they now feel that it is a hoax.

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