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If Godzilla and Gamera were included it would turn into which is best Godzilla and Gamera films.

For growing or shrinking films.

1. Them

Giant ants in Southern California. Thanks to nukes. Needs so much to be remade. I would rank this film with any of the top Toho films even original Godzilla.


2. War of The Gargantuas (never saw first movie where they went from children to giants not sure the title). Sadly Toho never featured them again. Rodan was killed off in first Rodan movie and came back over and over but Gargantuas nope.

3. Amazing Colossal Man not that its good but really one of the first “nuke turns man into giant movie”. Its fun but not great. I did like how they talked about how hard the heart will have to work thus kill him in days.

4. The Incredible Shrinking Woman with Lily Tomlin. Played for laughs but showcases Tomlin’s physical and verbal comic skills. One of my fav movies of hers. Sadly the film is rarely shown.

5. Fantastic Voyage like all of these movies the premise is dumb. Yet the FX is top notch even today its good.

Anyone agree? Want to add others? Your favorite shrinking or growing movies?

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