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Can we chat a minute about how this as become a day of bbqs and sales and pretty much ignores the real issues about how messed up the US is when it comes to its labor force?
I get so ragey when I thing about how un- and under-valued the labor force is. I take it personally. If you're not clawing your way up the corporate ladder, you're lazy. If you just want a job, not a career, your lazy. If you only work 40 hours a week, you're lazy. Of course people like this deserve to live in crappy apartments, you know they're on welfare anyway!
How 'bout we give every job a living wage? How 'bout we let the unemployed take over a job or two from those struggling to get by on multiple jobs that pay substandard wages? How 'bout we acknowledge that we need all those jobs and acting like folks are lesser for doing them doesn't help anybody?
I get frustrated to the point of tears over this shit. My husband and I are working class and that's okay. We don't want to run the companies we work for. We just want to do our work well and make enough to have a decent home for our families, maybe go on vacation every now and then. This country has some fucked up priorities, and I love to be reminded of it.
I want something short and succinct to post on Facebook, but I think I would just rant.

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