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Ladies and gentlemen, dinner is served.

Tonight's creation is a ham and broccoli stir fry, because I found both of these items at the back of the fridge when I cleaned it out today (score!). It is delicious.

Here's what's in it: a couple handfuls of broccoli florets, a handful of baby carrots quartered longways, half a diced onion, a can of bamboo shoots, about 8 small slices of ham diced up. I used the last of my garlic oil to fry the onions and carrots, then after the rest of the veggies had gone in the pan, I sloshed some teriyaki sauce (Aldi's has a gluten free one!), sweet Thai chili sauce, and the last of my pineapple and chili sauce into the pan, and tossed it all around. Covered and cooked til the broccoli was softened, and hey, presto! Dinner is served.


I was going to make rice with this, but the cord to my rice cooker has sprouted legs and walked off, and I burn it every time on the stove, so...

I also made a potato and onion casserole that isn't very pretty, but is amazingly yum. 3 big potatoes, sliced very, very thinly, layered with the other half of the onion, also sliced very thinly, laid in a greased pan, covered and baked for an hour (or until you can stick a fork straight through). I sprinkled 3 of the potato layers with garlic salt. I think there was 9 layers by the end.

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