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Ladies over 60 have 1 in 6 chance of getting Alzheimers

This is not good news. We have an aging population and this ratio is way too high. Mind numbingly so considering breast cancer chances are twice that. I had an uncle who had it for many years until death. Two different nursing homes, at one point had to be strapped down to sleep, got violent something he never did prior incredibly calm person, and for a while thought he was in a hospital during WW2 then didn't know anything.

To me this is the ultimate boogie man, cancer you have a chance, AIDs you at least have your identity. Not that I would ever want either. Alzheimers you lose yourself, "you think therefore you are" is broken, shattered. Not knowing who you are, your surroundings, family, friends it seems as an old friend said who worked in a nursing home "a living death".


My mother thank god shows no signs Men have 1 in 11 chance article

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