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Alrighty, here we go. I know this is Elite Daily and I constantly have to roll my eyes every time someone posts something from them on my Facebook page because it looks nice and makes sense, but it's another sexist trope and makes men look like stereotypical assholes.


Ok so, I will admit that during the course of what I call my "dating journey" throughout the past year and a half or so, I have sometimes thought that part of the reason why I didn't have luck was partially for two reasons 1) I was a woman who was on the verge of applying to a doctoral program 2) I'm a virgin. Now whatever your opinion is, I honestly thought the first thing was more of a hindrance than the 2nd, but now I think I have just been dating people who honestly weren't looking for anything serious. I let the excitement of the prospect of someone being interested in me lure me in and would get disappointed when things did not work out. Many lessons have been learned.

The virginity issue aside (because I didn't tell every guy I went on a date with or even dated that I was a virgin, I sometimes lied and pretended I wasn't because I got tired of being asked stupid questions regarding my virginity, but that's another post for another day), I think I've just been shit out of luck. I used to think maybe if I didn't do this or that then someone would come along and want to commit, but now I'm simply tired of thinking I have to change something about me so someone will want to date me long-term.

I also won't get into the ramifications of dating Latinos while being a Latina who has plans for getting a doctorate. Not even gonna go there today. Maybe another day when I've had some wine...

I always like how the Elite Daily articles look nice in the title or in the beginning, and then in the end you're left with a bitter taste in your mouth. I guess if you aren't "smart" (the article does not give us any quantifiers here to measure smartness) then you get the man because you're either not smart or good at playing dumb. Not only is this fucked up, but it tells us that men are going to "settle" for something "easy" and that would be someone who chooses to not put their career first so they can take care of their man. It's messed up to think that someone cannot be smart and choose to not have a career or not take it as seriously. These things are not mutually exclusive in either sex. Someone can be smart and not be driven in a career, and someone can be of "average" intelligence and be very driven and successful in a career.


I've always thought the idea that men want someone "less smart" or "less successful" than them to really make men look bad.

You see everybody, the patriarchy makes men look bad, too.

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