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Lady Group Names? (Updated)

Hello! I come to you asking for assistance in naming a lady group I’m joining up with. As we all know, making new friends as adults can be difficult. One of my friend’s friends has decided to start a group of women-folk with similar interests so we can make some new connections and have fun together.

They asked for suggestions for a name for the group and all I’ve got is Ladies Who Lanch. Which is kinda funny only if you watched The Office a bunch of times and remember a random short joke about the “Launch Party”.


Some vague info about the group: we’re located in Los Angeles. Some of us already know each other-it’s basically some friend groups who have one friend in common coming together. We’re all pretty nerdy (as far as I know).  

It doesn’t have to be funny or punny, I’m just at a complete loss and I thought it’d be a fun exercise for everyone :)

I’d suggest The Bitchery or Lesbian Shitasses but I don’t think they’d get it ;)

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