Oh yea, it’s time to talk about products for Shark Week.

Like many women, I have very particular period habits. I tend not to buy any other tampons beside the combo box of Tampax Pearl regular/super with the plastic applicators. I recently branched out to their “Ultra” tampons because my periods got a tad heavier with my birth control but still Tampax Pearl.

Recently, however, I didn’t have a tampon when my period started and the only things the work bathroom had were the flex foam pads by Always. I really really like them. I’ve never really been into pads because they don’t hold the blood in as well as I’d like but these things are crazy absorbent. It literally does pull everything in and away. And they have a nice smell. I don’t use scented tampons because it’s not a good idea to shove scented stuff up your vagina. BUT I can use this and there’s zero period blood smell which you sometimes get with pads even if you change them a lot.

What do you like to use?