Thank you all for the recipe ideas and encouragement. I can't post pics because my phone is an asshole. I will post if it decides to cooperate. I've dumped out the vodka and moved on to vanilla ice cream. Typos I blame on vodka. I think I impressed the FMIL. If you're curious... I didn't follow strict directions. I marinated in balsamic and garlic and followed with a crust of rosemary, garlic, salt & pepper. It was raining so I didn't fuck with the Big Green Egg and did it all in the oven. Came out a-fucking-mazing. I'm now binging on Scandal. Life is good! Good night GTers.

ETA: Last night it was me too drunk and not able to use my phone. This morning, Kinja does not want me to share my masterpiece. I will try to post it later.