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Lamenting [alt. title: RNC made me feel physically ill]

I’m not exaggerating. I was listening to Trump in the car on NPR on my way home, and I had to pull over and puke into the road. Of course, I might have been having a puke-y day anyway, but I’m positive listening to that shitbag triggered it at that moment.

When I read about the calls for Clinton’s execution by firing squad, I got short of breath. I was so angry. These people get off on the idea of committing violence against a powerful woman. These people don’t know the meaning of treason. These people would shoot her in the face if they got close enough to her, and I believe they’ll just shoot someone else - a protestor, their wives or daughters, a person of color - instead.


As I write this, I have acid in my mouth, burning my throat. Not typical for me.

This whole week I have felt like that. I usually pay a lot of attention to politics and so I tried to listen to the news this week and I would have to turn it off after a few minutes. I can’t take it. I can’t take the lies and the paranoia and the utter bullshit. These people - Trump and the people behind him - are almost terrorists. They are threatening violence to instill terror.


I feel utterly defeated. Why? I don’t know. I knew Trump was getting the nomination, I knew what we were up against, but the themes and the rhetoric affected me in a way I couldn’t have predicted.

Maybe because it was all condensed together? Maybe because the news only talked about the RNC where in past years I have barely given a shit about it and not noticed it? Maybe I thought there would be more wishy-washy falling in line to unify the party and less actual vitriol? Maybe it’s because the world has seen a few bloody weeks, and being in Louisiana I am [almost] at the epicenter of a lot of it?


Who knew that the only breath of fresh air I would feel about the whole thing was Ted Cruz’s big Fuck You of a speech the other night. The enemy of my enemy is my friend tolerable distant relative. I hate Ted Cruz, and despite all of this, I still feel that he might be a worse President than Trump (as far as the overall health of the country and our future goes). But hey - at least he doesn’t Paul Ryan it.


Feel free to use this post for a space for lamenting, making me feel better, or vomiting.

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