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Landlord drams

My landlord is kind of a pain, and takes forever to fix stuff, but I like my house and my neighborhood and moving is a nightmare. However, the landlord just sent out an email saying that we needed to watch a video on how to prevent pipes freezing (thanks for supplying the link, dude), leave all our indoor and outdoor faucets on slow drip or stream, and buy and install insulators for the outdoor spigots.

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Um, what? I have to take time out of my day to do that stuff? To top it off, if we don't take the steps he demands in the email, we are responsible for any damage. I live in Atlanta and there haven't been temps this cold (that are coming up in a day) in a long time but I still don't know if it's necessary to do all that crap. I sure as hell know he can't write an email and expect to hold me liable for damages if I don't follow his instructions.

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