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Welcome To The Bitchery

Hey guys,

First a thank you! The coffee cups were amazing. This one: Dali Llama was the winner, but it was a close race.

I remember a lot of you were knowledgable about landlord-tenant law in New York, and it would appear I need help. I'm looking to break my lease, but I need to get my security deposit back. Here are the issues I've had:


1. No door locks. He only lets us lock our bedrooms, which are standard bedroom locks. If someone wanted to kill me in my sleep, it'd be crazy easy. There's actually a hole in the front door where there used to be a lock, but he knocked it out.

2. He (and his adult children) just wander through our apartment whenever. No warning. No anything. Just sometimes I'm doing dishes and suddenly there are people in my apartment all "hey, what's up."

3. My walls and windows leak water. I guess this is an insolation issue? But I get cold condensation all over two of my four walls. There's enough that it runs down the walls and into the carpet, meaning my bed is always wet. I can't move the bed, because he secured it to the floor.

4. He keeps threatening me for things my roommate does. So, if she leaves a dish in the sink he'll threaten me by saying he's going to add an additional fee on to my rent because of cockroaches. Note, he only knows about her dishes because of issue 2.


5. Related to 3, there might be a toxic mold issue. I'm going to the doctor tomorrow, but I've been sick for a pretty long time, and the nurse line thinks that is what it is.

6. He didn't like us all having individual mail boxes, so he locked all of them and forces the mailman to just put it all in one bin. I don't even know you guys.


7. When he leaves the house he turns off the heat. The other day it dropped down to fifty in my bedroom.

So, I need to get out. And maybe make a movie. A horror movie called "Landlord from Hell", but I also need to get out of my lease and get my security deposit back so I can move someplace that isn't trying to kill me. What steps should I take to ensure this is a thing?


ETA: Thanks Guys. Called 311, they were amazing. verified that all of that shit is crazy illegal, and they can help me no-fault on my lease.

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