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Welcome To The Bitchery

The landlords apologized, and assured us it wouldn’t happen again. I think the property manager was getting lazy with this sort of thing and talking to the landlord directly helped. Thanks!

My husband works overnights. Generally sleeps during the day.

This morning I went to the gym and got a pissed-off call from my husband.

He woke up to our building manager and a plumber standing in our bedroom. They had let themselves in to check on a plumbing issue.


Now, we were given notice of entry for February 11th and they did their thing then.

We hadn’t heard anything about coming in today. On a Saturday morning at 9.

My husband didn’t hear them knock, but he’s a heavy sleeper. I just am glad one of us wasn’t in the shower.


I’ve had an experience in which I was in our kitchen and there were two knocks. Immediately, before I could respond, I hear someone unlocking our door and it was pest control being let in by the building manager.

How hard should I be coming for them? I wrote an email insisting on 24 hours notice.


Do I need to start talking to the tenants rights lawyers I have access to as part of my teacher union?

We’ve been here for 7 years, so part of me thinks they would love to have us out so they could jack up the rent.


However, San Francisco recently made it a lot harder to evict public school teachers. I was a warehouse worker when we moved in.

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