This going to be a rant. I just need to find a way to calm down so this doesn't ruin my weekend.

I have NO WATER. And this is just one of many (but in my opinion the worst) things that have happened to me landlord wise. Let me give you a brief rundown.

1. In October, the mother-in-law unit behind me had a gas leak (I rent the main house), so the tenant called the gas company. Two things happened: Found out the gas leak was under my house to0, due to shoddy work hooking up my dryer. Second, the mother-in-law unit was not up to code (landlord did all the work on without a permit) and the gas company would not turn on service until the unit was vacated.

2. The city came to inspect, said the same thing, and I went without gas (no hot water, no dryer, no stove, no oven) for over TWO WEEKS, while my landlord scrambled to get the unit vacated (and they still wanted to charge me and the other tenant full rent, WTF. I didn't pay it, don't worry).

3. During this time, the landlord SOLD the entire property (without telling me until last minute). Then told me I needed to put the electricity for the entire property, not just my house, in my name. Again WTF. They also tried to break my lease, but I know my tenant law too well, and threatened legal action if they tried to sell the house as unoccupied.

4. The new landlords are Nuns that own a nearby community center, this gave me some hope that things would go smoother. The selling was completed last Thursday and my rent was due the 2nd. I still haven't received ANY contact from the Nuns, even though I have reached out several times. Not sure where to pay rent, set up direct deposit (which is how I paid before, etc).


5. Then today, I go to flush my toilet and NO WATER. It is Friday afternoon, I won't get water back until at least Monday. Contacted both realtors who said they would contact the Nuns. Still haven't heard back. (The Nuns were supposed to transfer water/trash services into their name as of November 1st and they didn't, so the city turned it off, thinking the house was vacant).

I'm so frustrated, I love my house. I'm lucky to even have a house, because I live in one the most expensive counties in the US. I'm telling myself that a weekend without water isn't the end of the world. But I am just frustrated all around. There's a few other shady things with the former landlords and the sales I didn't mention for doxxing reasons.

A weekend without water, when I haven't showered in a few days (I shower like every 3 days, and today was shower day) makes me feel gross. I already feel sticky and Sat/Sun/Mon is supposed to be in the 80s.


I'm just sad and angry and frustrated and trying to let it go so it doesn't set me into a panic attack.