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My sink has been broken since December 31st. A piece of the pipe fell off, so of course I can't turn the sink on. I've been making due by washing my hands with the shower and brushing my teeth in the kitchen sink, but let's face it, this is not exactly a comfortable way to live. I think 2 weeks is way way way too long for the owner of the house to have let this go. He came by once to look at it, and said he was going to pick up the replacement piece. Since there's a Home Depot around the corner, I figured he meant he was going right away and would come back. Nope. He disappeared for a week, came back, and told me he hadn't brought his tools so he couldn't fix it that day.

The problem is, my "landlord" is one of my mother's oldest friends, and I'm living in the house for the cost of utilities. Even without paying rent, I can't afford a plumber right now. My mom is willing to pay for one, but she's reluctant because her friend would prefer to do the repairs himself. So she wants me to wait another few days to see if he comes by. He keeps saying he'll "try to come by ASAP", but I have no faith that he'll fix this problem any time in the next few days, or even the next few weeks. I'm out of patience, but I don't want to piss off someone who is being nice enough to let me stay in their house for free.


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