So I've been updating Groupthink with my shitty ass landlord/security deposit situation. Last you guys heard, I had this wonderful 2-prong plan to basically fuck em. Things have gotten even crazier!

I found my copy of the lease which explicitly states that deposits must be returned to the tenant within 15 days. So basically, if they were going to make any deductions, they would have had to have an itemized list by the 15th. I received no such list until the 21st, and it was total BS (if you recall, they are saying we took all this random crap from the house which was never there to begin with, and they attached super arbitrary prices to everything that just HAPPENED to come out to the same as our security deposit).

Anyway, I was rather gleeful yesterday when I saw the stipulation in the lease, because there is not much room for argument there. But then I got MUCH BETTER NEWS!

We cancelled our power before leaving the house, and as such we didn't receive our bill until very recently. We hadn't been able to make the time to go and pay (you have to pay in person here and it can take more than 2 hours). I got a call yesterday saying that the landlords PAID IT. The bill was for the last 2 months and it totaled $820. THE MORONS BASICALLY JUST HANDED US BACK $820.

So I wrote a lovely demand letter that basically thanks them for using our security deposit to pay the bill on our behalf, and we will expect the remainder of the deposit back within 5 days.

I think they thought that they're gonna be able to keep the $1,000 deposit AND get the $820 bill from us, but nope! This is precisely what security deposits are for, and I am still disputing their other claims. We are meeting them in 2 hours and I am going to hand them that letter with a bigass smile on my face.


This is why it's good to familiarize yourself with the law before trying to become a landlord/act like a gigantic asshole.