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Language resources beyond duolingo

Anyone have suggestions for language resources for languages you already somewhat speak but could definitely brush up on and improve your vocabulary? There are two languages where my level is probably best described as intermediate - one is my first language, which I have since lost most of, so speaking and listening in it come fairly naturally, but my vocabulary is atrocious. I’m also barely literate in that language - i can read things like signs really easily, but if I had to read a book, I’d be hopeless. The other is a language that I studied in high school and college, and studied abroad where that language is spoken, but I’ve since forgotten so much of it. I’m comfortable reading it, but I can’t follow or carry conversations very easily.

They’re both languages where doing something like duolingo might teach me some new words here and there, but I really want to improve beyond that, and feel more comfortable speaking and understanding those languages. Ideally, I’d love to do something where I could do something small on a daily basis, like on my train ride to/from work, in addition to maybe joining a language meetup or something (that’s a thing, right?). My work schedule’s pretty unpredictable, though, so I'm not sure how realistic a meetup would be. Anybody been in a similar situation? Any suggestions?


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