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Laptop Recommendations?

So after that terrible, terrible excuse for a soccer game (I'm Brazilian), I need something to lighten the mood. My laptop recently died, so I have a *fantastic* opportunity to buy a new one. So far, I've become kind of enamored of the idea of buying a Macbook, mainly because they seem to last a lot longer than your average PC, and I would like my money to go to something that will last me more than 3 years. The price is a huge issue for me, but I'm fine with buying refurbished if I have to. Other than that, I'm also considering Lenovo or Asus. I only have one computer, so whatever I get needs to be a bit bigger (13-15 in.). Do any of the more technologically-inclined GTers have opinions they would like to share? Preferred brands or other specifications? I know people who buy Apple laptops tend to be really into them, but are they worth the money? Thanks for any help!


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