For those who missed it, I want to organize a meetup next Saturday, April 5 2014 in one of these four states. This post is left a bit vague because I don't want to doxx myself (trust I'm not the Saw guy or anything...maybe).

The plan is to go to an event that's occurring Saturday Afternoon. Please confirm by *MONDAY of this week whether you want to attend that event, as tickets will cost between $18-$25(maybe even $15 as prices have went down a bit). I can purchase the tickets then whoever is going to the event can give me their money on next Saturday.

After this event, we are going to the bar (preferably in walking distance of the event) and having a grand ol' time. So bring $$$ to get ya drink and ya food on. You DO NOT have to attend the event to hit the bar with us, just let me know so that I can give you an approximate time when the event will end (to prevent you from waiting at the bar for like years and years and years and stuff).

Again, use my contact information listed within the post ( or, or even use my squalorID) and identify yourself and your kinjaID/username and I'll give you information about the location, event, etc.

*Changed to MONDAY to give people time to decide. Plus I'll have funds to buy people's tickets after the weekend.*

**ALSO: There is a Chi Town GT-er who is interested in going, but needs a ride (event is not in IL). If there is anybody able to give this person a ride, please contact me. I'll asked this GT-er if they want me to disclose their GT Name on here.