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This is it, everyone! LAST CALL FOR COOKIES!!

You can email me at mad.piglet.42 at gmail (some of you have already done this and you are all SEXY AS HELL).


You can also order online. A few of you have done this and have already received your cookies, because you are also SEXY AS HELL. Plus, you’re probably done eating the cookies you ordered, so maybe buy some more?

This is the last call for this year! Except for the fact that I personally bought a shitload, so I will have some available later on, but of course you should buy your own. I mean, c’mon.

ALSO: UK AND OTHER NON-US PEEPS: tell me what you want and I’ll get ‘em to you and we’ll work out payment later. YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO.

Looooooove you lovely people!!

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