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Last chance

There’s a chance my relationship is going to be over by the end of the day.

I’m on my phone so it’s a bit too much to type out in full, but my boyfriend has been doing a tailspin, totally freaked out and backed up by his own fear, for the past month and I can’t take it anymore. We are meeting to talk in person today, and it’s either going to be that he deals with this and steps up to the plate the way that I have (remember how frightened I have been? How sick? How anxious? I’m STILL showing up and giving it my best shot.) or we split up, because I can’t tolerate him being half in, half out of this and acting like a baby because he’s afraid. I really called him out and held his feet to the fire about all of this two days ago, and it seemed like he woke up and recognized what he was doing, so I want to have some shred of hope but also I feel like my heart is breaking. I’ve already cried in the bathroom once at work today. I can’t do this anymore if this is how he's going to play.


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