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Last Day Of Having An Instructor Who Played Favorites

What a dick.

I had this instructor who, from all outward appearances, was pretty legit.

Had him for maybe four weeks. Learned a lot. But, for real, the guy straight up didn’t like me. Usually, I’d be all “Ok, no big deal, can’t win them all over”, but it sucks because I DON’T KNOW WHAT I DID!


I like to think I’m a good student. I don’t interrupt, I take notes and don’t fuck around, I smile and engage-but noooooooo.

He played favorites. Mainly, other girls. It was kinda cringe-y to watch. Not that I’m complaining, that’s not my style. It was more like preferable treatment for them. I’m not sure how else to put it.


The biggest problem was the way I was made to feel. He was dismissive of me-like, if a student went up and asked a question, he’d answer it in detail and be very personable. I go next, begin to politely ask my question, and get cut off-mind you, I would be patiently waiting and not interrupt any class time.

Example: I was REALLY confused about an assignment, and before I asked my full question, he took my paper and scribbled on it. Crossed out things without even explaining why. And gave it back. Next girl? All jokes and smiles.


Today, the last day, the entire class went out to lunch. He was so rude to me, that I just left early because of it*. I went home, had a spike in anxiety, almost cried, and managed to go out to find Coca-Cola for comfort.

It’s not like me to get so worked up. Just another asshole. But I felt really singled out. It happens in life, and it will happen again-I know. I just hope I don’t have to see this guy again. This dismissive attitude and stuff just really got to me. It’s so exhausting.


It’s not like I was expecting a red carpet. I just don’t understand why someone, a teacher and retired professional, would act like that. Maybe it’s just me. Nevertheless, I feel like crap.

*Also left early because of a guy I really didn’t care for was talking really loud and offering to buy me a drink. I don’t drink. Plus he almost followed me home a few days ago, and scared the shit out of me on a crowded city street. Pro-tip: DO NOT TAP MY SHOULDER IN THE MIDDLE OF A HUGE CITY WHERE I’M ALWAYS ON GUARD AND EXPECT ME TO BE POLITE WHEN I AM ABOUT TO FLIP MY SHIT BECAUSE, SPOILER ALERT, I DO NOT HAVE EYES ON THE BACK OF MY HEAD...sorry, that’s still something that bothers me. Tangent over.

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