I have never been so happy to see the end of a school year. in 12 years of teaching, I have never had to fill in a violent incident report before this year. In the last month, I have filled in 10.

Starting Tuesday, they reassigned a Special Needs Assistant just to him. If anything, it made him worse, as there was a whole new adult to be defiant with. In 3 days, I filed 4 violent incident reports. Health and Safety Officer came by again, but the Principal wasn't available to speak to him (he was at the Graduation Ceremony) so H & S was going to call him. The Principal has never spoken to me about any of the reports I've filed. Not impressed.

Despite everything, Behaviour Kid seemed weirdly attached to me today. He came to school late, and we were in the Honour Roll Assembly when he arrived. He found us in the Gym, ran across the room, and plunked himself down on the bench beside me, pressing right up against my side. Whenever I moved over he would slide over too to stay pressed against me. Then he whispered to me "I was scared!"

Me: "Why?"

BK: "I went to the classroom and you weren't there."

Later in the day, he was being aggressive and disruptive, and the SNA and I were having trouble keeping him away from the other kids, so I called the office and evacuated the class into the hall. When help from the office wasn't forthcoming, I took the rest of the class downstairs to ask for help. By the time we started back upstairs he was coming down the hall with the SNA and when he saw me he ran over, to me, grabbed my hand, and wouldn't let go. When useless VP finally turned up, Behaviour Kid wouldn't go with him, so VP sent me out on my yard duty, with behaviour kid hanging off me. He spent half of the recess holding my hand, before wandering off.

This was unexpected, to say the least. Now I find myself worrying that he's going to decide to run off from his Grade 2 class to find me when he gets upset.