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Last Minute Christmas Shopping

At the biggest mall in the state of Illinois was probably the stupidest idea I've ever had.

My shitbag uncle wouldn't take my cousin to get any Christmas gifts for the family and she called me really upset about it. So of course I volunteered to pick up a few things for my parents, grandma, and her little sister. I know she wants to make them feel special because they've been awesome to her so it was pretty much a done deal.

I jump on 355 to get to Woodfield after work, and fuck me, I wish I hadn't. This mall is huge. Like HUGE. And there was not a single parking spot. I drove around the mall (with a herd of other people) for probably 45 minutes until I got a spot. I almost said fuck it and went home but I drove all the way there. Luckily, I got every gift for about half off because Sunday before Christmas? I don't really know. But everyone will have something nice to open for Christmas, and that makes my heart full. Cousin is ecstatic about the gifts from 'her' so my heart is extra full because of that.


My family thinks I don't get to leave IL until 6pm their time, but I'm leaving at 1pm my time and should get there around the time they're expecting me to leave. I'm excited to surprise them! I don't think, in the 3 years I've lived on my own I've been so happy to see my Mom. And of course I'm stoked to see my Dad. I got him a really nice rocket set for Xmas, so I'm hoping we can build it, and set that baby off before I come back home.

EEEEEK! Sorry this is kind of a pointless post, I'm just dying of excitement and I'm stuck at my desk for 2 more hours, AND TIME IS STANDING STILL, PEOPLE. I hope ya'll have a lovely Christmas! I love you guise~

(This had me giggling this morning)

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