i decided i'm doing Pippi Longstocking for trick or treating with the kids. big black boots, mismatched knee socks, short denim circle skirt, white t-shirt, oversized grey cardigan, and, naturally, drawn on freckles and my (red) hair in braids. it's cute, it's warm-ish, it's not "sexy" anything. that one's all stuff i have, so i'm set.

my friend got me that ruby goddess costume (can't link but it's the first pic on google images), and that's for the party at the bar and our friend's house. the dress fits great... it's the accessories that are a problem! the leg wraps are too short and impossible to tie, the choker is itchy, and the high heel glittery gold shoes i borrowed to go with it didn't fit. sad face all around.

so i went to the thrift store and found a pair of black leather sandals, found a gold paint pen at Walmart, and MADE my damn gold sandals. i also got elasticized gold sequin ribbon to replace the leg ties and choker. i feel like i win!

ETA: holy huge picture, Batman! still learning this whole posting-from-my-phone thing, sorry, guys.