Spoiler alert: I may sound like an asshole here.

So, I've been posting about tonights party for days, and also I would like to thank y'all for all the advice and encouragement regarding guest count. The good news: I'm going to have three guests! Plus me, that's four total! Yay!


I'm in college. I have been to a lot of college parties. They don't really do anything for me, because they're crowded and not my scene. And usually there is no bubs, no fancy food, and no real conversation (but I'm cool with that). I feel like the Martha Stewart of my group, with a dash of Emily Post. I'm like this because of all my family parties, which tend to be 'classy' until my mom gets drunk. And I usually run with an older crowd when I go home. The 6o+ crowd (I'm 22, so it seems weird. But they're hella interesting people, like, former CIA people). And I'm more used to the Ab Fab life than the frat scene. Ok, full disclosure-I used to be a frat rat.

I'm serving food that only one other friend usually eats, because we have the same taste. We like fancy cheese, italian meats, and other ritzy stuff (not caviar. Because I'm not splurging on that). Sadly, she's not coming. Damn.

Also, I don't have games like Apples to Apples. I don't have any hard liquor. I got some beer, in case no one wants champagne. But that's the Viva family rule: always have bubbly in the fridge. So if people get bored, I'm fucked.


I mean, my friends are pretty used to my 'odd college girl out' ways. They know about the 60+ crowd and the, lets say quirks. But I feel like no one will like the food, that I'll come off as a snob (but they know I'm not, because I'm more like a swearing sailor than the Duchess of Cambridge), or that they'll get real bored, real quick.

I don't know why I do this to myself. Kicking myself in the ass for not getting with my age group's groove. But I think they'll like the champs-it's kinda a grad party anyways.


But, as Pats says:


PS-I have some great stories about the parties I go to with the 60+ crowd if anyone is interested. I like to tell those, and maybe it'll take my mind off of my poorly conceived party planning.