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Last Night: An Open Thread

Thanks to everyone who helped me with my minor existential crisis last night. Really gave me a lot of comfort. The cycle has almost been broken, and I gotta tell y'all. Submit your neurotic/un-neurotic rants, sure y'all got hella because holidays, relatives, and maybe some happy things! Open Thread-ish.

Here they are:

  • Bad: Narcissistic Mommy Dearest calls, I tell her my problem. "I don't wanna hear your shit, here's how my students are the best!"-except her students are morons.
  • Good: On the bright side though, she thanked me for basically putting her Stalin/Cold war unit together!
  • Mixed bag: She is (still-this happens a lot) asking me to write her lesson plans. I kinda dig it. May even become a history teacher. But I'm busy. Except she said I wasn't busy. When I am doing hella research.
  • Bad: Nightmare about having to live in my hometown my entire life. My hometown sucks. Old people who are afraid of "That Negro President", hipster parents who bribe their loud kids with two cupcakes at the "chic" cupcake shop, and the hipster devil spawn (stole the term from Sorcia) who act all "hood" (white people lol) and basically have entitlement problems. And this is in progressive NorCal.
  • Amazing: Transition into good dream about living in Sweden with Captain America. That makes zero sense, but CAPTAIN AMERICA IS HOT! Kinda looks like a dope, but a hot dope.
  • Hella fucking legit: Dream about chilling with Hunter S. Thompson, just drinking and him giving me life advice.

Oh, Here's the video I sent NMD (won't show up, just watch):

Hysteria! was, and still is, the best.

Why can't dreams be real life? Oh well, just add whatever you need to say. Pretty much an open thread.

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