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Last Night I Met An Author. And It Was Amazing.

Ok, so I almost completely forgot about an event I was to attend yesterday, until a friend of mine reminded me. It was worth it.

Ok, so as some of you know, I'm a 'writer'. Meaning I have ideas, plan them out, and then kinda sorta pull them together in a semi-coherent way. At least, my 'detective' fiction. My strength is research. Crime related. I tie it together sometimes.

I don't have a ton of confidence in it-except for a short story I wrote that a prof said was the best they've seen in a long time-but yeah.


Anyways: Went to the event, listened to the woman read a powerful story from a book-she's legit, because it's for real published-and she gave the group a lot of great advice.

I talked to her a bit after, and she was genuinely interested in the fact that I do 'detective' stuff (It's more like amateur sleuths. I can add some hints in the comments if anyone asks), and she looked incredibly happy.

Out of all the people at the event, she said she would love to read my work personally. I gave her one of my awesome biz cards, and I really hope we stay in contact.

I almost cried, it was my first time talking to an author, for real. And it's not everyday they want to see what you wrote off the bat.


Off topic, but one time a famous film director called me a "good girl" as he signed my copy of a book he wrote. I said I liked one of his films. It was adorable.

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