Compared to the Golden Globes this was a bore. Why not get a host?

a) Julia Louis Dreyfus gave a hysterical acceptance speech. I did notice that Tina Fey did not look happy. Last night it was noticable a lot of losers did not hide their unhappiness.

c) Ty Burrell from Modern Family. His speech/joke was so unfunny. It started good but its like he lost the pacing and the end seemed mushed.

c) Usually acceptance speeches for Lifetime Achievement Awards are painfully dull. For an 82 year old, Rita Moreno was the highlight of the night. May we all have her energy and pep at 82. She also still has a good singing voice. Worth watching the SAG Awards for that speech.

If you never saw West Side Story, watch it for Moreno. Good movie musical.

d) Why NO love for Mary McConnell who stars in Major Crimes?

e) Ken Howard has quite a sense of humor and good timing when he gave that joke about Tom Hanks. I always like seeing him in shows. He was good in 30 Rock. Great in The White Shadow. If you never saw that series it was quite good. I have not seen it since it first aired.