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Last night sucked

Man, did it ever.

Two of my friends are having relationship issues and they're both complaining about it to me. I would prefer neither of them do this.


I'm still super cut up about breaking it off with the guy I was seeing. After a few drinks I got really sad and just left.

And most upsetting, one of my good friends told me he reads the seduction crap on reddit for how to get girls. I browsed around, it's not as repulsive as some of the PUA stuff I've read, but it's similar enough. He came back from talking to a girl, crowing about how he "passed a 'shit test'" and got her number after ignoring her comment about having a boyfriend already. Jesus, I don't even know what to do about that or if I should do anything.

I also realized that I'm just way over the bar scene as a method of meeting guys. I've never had anything come out of a date with a guy from a bar. I meet a ton of new people with my friends, but since they're all a lot younger than I am, I just keep meeting guys who are too young for me.

Okay, pity party is ended! It's a gorgeous day, going to go out and sunbathe my troubles away.

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