My subconscious mind tried to get me pregnant.

I'm not on any form of BC and I woke up on top with my husband inside me with no condom.

I feel really bad for my husband. What woke me up was him asking what he was suppose to do since he was under the impression we aren't trying to get pregnant.

Apparently I'm having this conflict with logic and wanting to get pregnant and have a baby.

Logic is that we are working through issues as a couple that should be taken care of before having a child. Logic is saying I need to see a therapist to address my drastic phobia of hospitals, doctors, and needs before I get pregnant. Logic tells me that I am still an irresponsible asshole with no business bringing a child into the world.

Subconscious shows up every once in a while and goes "Fuck it I want a baby."

Sorry about the TMI but who else do you tell if you can't tell GT.