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Last night's candidates, ranked.

Add your own/discuss/critique. For me this takes last night into account but is an overall ranking (I don’t think really my mind changed much last night, maybe we’re getting into the phase of this where confirmation bias takes over for everyone).

  1. Warren
  2. Castro
  3. Harris
  4. Bernie
  5. Klobuchar
  6. Buttigieg
  7. Beto
  8. Booker
  9. Yang
  10. Biden

Honestly, 5-7 are all interchangeable for me. My big personal takeaways from last night:

  • The women were cool, calm, and collected and handled their questions like champs. All of them.
  • I became very solidly confirmed that Biden is my last pick. I thought I knew it before but after watching his lackluster performance and then the media fall all over him this morning, grading him on a curve (where have we seen that before - you just have to be coherent and not pee yourself, and you get praised!)...yeah no.
  • While I truly do not align policy-wise with Klobuchar, I trust her 10x as much as I trust the other moderates, specifically Biden, to not bend to Republican will. Also she’s not trying to sell me on the idea that life was perfect in 2011 (like Biden) so I believe she, at least, believes in making change and moving forward.
  • I rank Castro high because I like him and his policies for the most part. I will say that I’d love to see him in the cabinet or as VP more than president though.
  • I rank Yang low because he needs more than just his One Thing. However, I really really really like that One Thing so he’s not the lowest.
  • Booker always sounds great while he’s talking to you but ultimately I do not trust him.
  • Bernie wouldn’t have to do too much work to get higher on my list, but it is work he’s unwilling to do.
  • I don’t think Harris has done a good enough job defending some of the scarier things in her record; I feel that she gets asked and she just kind of denies or deflect. If you feel you did the right thing, tell me why. If you’ve changed your mind about it, tell me why. But don’t act like it’s not a thing.
  • The moderators were so much better last night than they have been, but what was that nonsense last question? Although in my “bitch eating crackers” treatment of Biden, of course, I was annoyed at his answer which is that he had NO professional setbacks, except for his personal tragedies. Dude we all feel sad for your story, but you can’t use it whenever you don’t want to talk about your record.
  • Protesters chose an interesting moment to talk about DACA, given that Biden was the only person on that stage who had a hand in implementing it.
  • Beto really shines when he speaks forcefully and from the heart on specific subjects. I’m not sure he does well having to cover all bases though. This morning I’m seeing people act like he has sealed his political fate with the saying he was going to take away AR-15s or whatever, and I’m like...um but all of them would answer that way....
  • Can we fucking talk about reproductive rights or climate change in ONE FUCKING DEBATE. I’m going to lose my mind if the next one spends an hour arguing Medicare for All vs. Public Option AGAIN. WE KNOW WHERE THEY STAND, AT LEAST SKIP IT THE NEXT DEBATE AND COME BACK.

Love to hear y’all’s thoughts.

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