Spoilers, obvs.

So, earlier this week a TV recapper tweeted out a warning that The Newsroom was going to handle campus rapes. I just thought she was warning everyone because of the Rolling Stone fiasco and even more Bill Cosby accusers. Oh no no no was I ever wrong. It was a mess. Don tried to convince a victim to come on the air to "protect her" or whatever, but really he said people wouldn't believe you and you could potentially ruin the rapists lives. Great job, thumbs up, and all that jazz /s

One woman writer staffer on The Newsroom even said they shouldn't be doing that plot line (or at least, not how the show handled it) and she was kicked out of the writer's room.

Well fuck you Sorkin. You took what was becoming my favorite show I was sad was ending to happy it will be put out of its misery next week. And the death at the end was weaksauce. Boo.


ETA: Here is The AV Club's excellent take down of the episode, and a few other recapped points.