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Last Night's "TrueBlood" ***SPOILERS***

If you haven't watched last night's episode yet, turn away now. Because I have a question.

I'm currently watching last night's episode, and one thing that's sticking out to me so far:

Why is Arlene lying down in the cemetery, as if at Terry's grave, crying and mourning? From the events in the show, isn't it still the SAME DAY that he died? Are they trying to insinuate that he died, had a funeral, was buried, and there's no sign of a recent grave-digging/burial having happened where she's lying down? Cuz...the grass appears to be untouched. And I don't think that much time has passed between episodes for him to be buried already?


Is it just me? And if he's NOT buried yet, why is Arlene lying down on a grave, crying? Was it just to move the plot along and have a reason to get Sooki out of fairyland? That whole scene just seemed....odd. What am I missing here?

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