For the amusement of GT, I offer the following, spawned by god knows what in my subconscious:

For reasons unexplained in the dream, I was friends with a supermodel who knew Karl Lagerfeld.* (She had an awesome apartment.) I was very anxious to get Karl Lagerfeld to use me as a "mature" model** and kept nagging him until finally he told me to go off and get properly made up and dressed and he would think about it. I got all tarted up and was seriously astonished at my own appearance, but he still wasn't interested. Then I was wandering around at a street fair, still in wannabe-supermodel mode, and I ran into an old boyfriend who was dazzled by my appearance. We decided to check into a hotel and have a bit of a fling even though I felt slightly guilty as I knew he was married, and also because I was pretty sure all the bronzer I was wearing would come off on the sheets. I couldn't get the hotel door to lock so was apprehensive about starting anything for fear someone would walk in. Then I took a close look at the bed and realized it was covered with bedbugs. The end.

* I was reading a magazine article about Karl Lagerfeld the other day and thinking about how dreadful it must be to have to work for him, which might explain this part of the dream. However this is the only part that it even remotely explicable.

** There is no chance of this ever happening, as I am 5o and short and lack extraordinary bone structure, not to mention slim hips and a flat stomach.