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Last post for a while!

Alright ladies and gents! I have to call it quits with the internets for a while, time for me to focus on maybe passing my finals, etc.

But before I go, I thought I'd talk about my favorite things: cooking, make-up, sexy time, and clothes! YAY!

Sr. Popcorn had a tough week at work. So, to surprise him, I will be waiting at his house, in lingerie, making him pumpkin muffins from scratch. I'll also roast a chicken with brussel sprouts and leeks for dinner.


Even though my mama always says I look prettier without make up on, I felt that sexy lingerie would permit me to have a little fun with my make-up. Here are some pictures!

I have terrible lighting in my apartment which is creating weird shadows AND not really letting you see the colors, but it's all done with the urban decay vice palette.


I'll use some of y'alls sexy time music suggestions tonight! He's getting a massage with this new Weleda warming massage oil I got (FOR FREE) the other day.

Ok, that's all. Now tell me you'll missssss me?

I will certainly miss all y'all! See you on December 20th!

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