Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

And I have a giant book to write. Like, 150-200 pages giant. Ok, there are a lot of visuals, but I still have to do it and it's complicated and full of things I'm entirely sure I understand and it's supposed to sum up all my research for the semester and I spent so much time floundering around not knowing what the hell I was doing and I only figured it all out like four weeks ago and now I have this giant THING and I just kinda want to die.

Oh, and I have non-thesis classwork too, which ALSO includes a book, a complete product model, and a video.


I almost ripped a stranger's head off a few days ago when he asked what degree I was pursuing, and I told him I was an MFA candidate, and he pooh-poohed it, saying "Easy! It's not like you have to write anything." At which point I pointed out that I have a 100+ page book to complete every semester for four semesters and I ALSO have to produce a complete and fully realized actual real-world project thing. On top of all my regular classwork, which NEVER ENDS. I wanted to kill him. THE FUCK DO YOU KNOW, RUDE CRAZY STRANGER-PERSON?


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