Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Last week I watched Orange Is the New Black. This week I've made it to midway through season 2 of The Wire. It is FREAKING ME OUT that Pornstache (OITNB) is the young, smart Polish guy (The Wire). He's even kinda cute. But...he's Pornstache! He's so good at playing an asshole, now that I've realized it's the same guy, I can't not see it and just enjoy the story. He's in a new show this fall (can't remember which one) and at one of the promo things they did for it last week, one of the TV critics tweeted that he wouldn't have a moustache on the show. I tried to figure out what he'd look like without one. I couldn't picture it. Now I'm looking at his youthful, cleanshaven face, and I STILL CAN'T SEE IT! Good luck, Pablo Schrieber, leaving the Pornstache behind you!


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